About Susannah

Susannah JohnsonI’m on a Mission to Help You Feel
Amazing in Your Skin

The kind of amazing that inspires you to pass on the pizza and reach for a sexy bowl of greens and whole grains. Or not. Pizza is delicious.

The kind of amazing that has you genuinely loving what you see in the mirror morning, noon, and night.

You glow because you’re finally friends with your body and you want to take excellent care of it. But more than anything, you’ve found your rhythm. The sustainable way to…

  • remain at your healthiest weight
  • feel truly energized day in and day out
  • eat clean, fresh food (sometimes)
  • move in a way that brings you joy

I know this is possible for you because I’ve not only made it happen for my clients, but also for myself.

You see, there was a point in my life where I didn’t take care of myself. In my 20’s, I was staying up late partying with my fellow band mates (yes, I was in a band, punk rock to be exact)—all while trying to juggle a fast-paced job in the magazine industry.

I remember being on stage with my guitar in a smoky bar in NYC wondering … is this what I want for my future?

Long story short, I decided to clean it up. I sold most of my belongings on the sidewalk, moved back to California to live with my parents, and set out to get sober. Wellness journey initiated.

As someone who has leaned in the direction of addiction, I fell straight into exercise obsession, followed by calorie-restriction. Daily high-intensity workouts and training for an Ironman 6-8 hours per day on top of working full time at a big-time media company became normal for me.

I was surprised that despite my insane regimen of running, biking, and swimming, I didn’t have a single ab to show for it, let alone a six-pack. So I went on to try every weight loss strategy in the book—something that ultimately left me irritable, energy-less and starving.

Over time, it became very clear that controlling my body wasn’t the answer. I was drained, unhappy, and completely disconnected from my true self. All I wanted was to love my body, my self, and my life. I wanted to be healthy.

So I got to work. I read books on nutrition, personal development, and spirituality. I studied nutrition and self-care practices at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and became a certified health coach. I mastered P90X certification and started training clients in my garage. I tapped into my intuition and mindset during yoga teacher training. And I somehow squeezed in teaching spin classes along the way too!

And over time, I found my healthy rhythm! And most importantly, I discovered that I want to help others do the same — to experience what truly makes them thrive.

But vibrant health can be complicated, and I wanted to be able to HELP PEOPLE MORE, to make impactful healing recommendations to those with specific ailments. So I went back to school to get my Masters degree in Nutrition Science and Integrative Health.

Today, I’m the proud mother of two beautiful children, running an integrated nutrition business, and am so excited to connect with people who want to experience a level of sustainable well-being that gets them glowing and thriving again.

If you’re feeling called to work together, here’s where you can learn more about my services.