Nothing New

Today I had a realization. There is so much STUFF on this planet. There is really no need or excuse to buy anything that is NEW.

So in an effort to reduce waste, recycle what is already out there, and reuse the things that I have, I am embarking on a NOTHING NEW journey.

Here are my made-up rules which are subject to evolution:

  1. Do your best to buy only things that are used. (There will be some exceptions, and hopefully they will be inspiring too.)
  2. Use what you have whenever possible.
  3. Use craigslist, next-door, garage sales, and thrift/consignment stores when a purchase is necessary.
  4. Make it up as you go along and don’t give up.
  5. Aiming for a year, starting with a day.

You can follow my Nothing New Journey here…

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