Susannah’s approach is a game changer; multi-layered to address the whole. I began with lofty goals, unrealistic expectations & a target date. Despite my willingness, working hard the wrong way put me in a cycle that didn’t result in health or wellbeing. I learned how to let go of what wasn’t working and make effective, positive changes. 45 pounds later, both my mind and my body are stronger. Every aspect of my life has benefitted. It’s a gift everyone should give themselves.
Ricci J., age 54
Last year I became ill with what I thought was a sinus infection. Between May and October I saw 4 doctors, took five antibiotics and nasal decongestants. Susannah Johnson conferred with me in October and recommended I try a dairy free diet. Within a week I felt better, and now I am symptom free thanks to Susannah.
Alice M., age 76
Susannah, thank you for all your work and direction with diet and exercise; as you can see from the results of my fasting blood draw all the markers are improving. The good cholesterol is up and the bad cholesterol is down, triglycerides are down from 230 mg/dl to 150 mg/dL. My blood sugar went from 135 down to 131 and the doctor said he sees an overall improvement. I am off my breathing inhalers and my breathing test came in as normal. My weight is down to 200 from a high of 215 and my waist has dropped from 36 inches to 34 inches. I feel very comfortable that if I stay on track with the guidance you are giving I will meet all my targets of weight of 185, blood sugar under 100 get down to a 32 inches waist. I feel better and I am able to complete more of my work outs. I would give you 5 stars in your life and health coaching.
Thanks for all you have done for me!
Jim D., age 69
Thank you so much! We had such great feedback from our team members and I think everyone took something useful away from the meeting.
Director of Human Resources, The REMM Group