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You’re ready. To know exactly how to eat, move, and live well. No more guesswork. No more giving up. No more guilt. I’ll guide you to finding your rhythm and give you the tools you need to stick with it. Check out my programs and services below, or call me to develop a personalized path to your best ever, most vibrant self.

New Client Special – 3 Sessions – $215

For new clients only! Book three 60-minute appointments today. Get back on track with a clean eating and a wellness plan developed for YOU. Three targeted nutrition counseling sessions to discover your best next steps towards better health. Online accountability platform, meal suggestions, and the support you need to reach your goals.

 Make Time for YOU – 10-week Program – $50/week for 10 weeks

Do you feel like you are too busy to incorporate a healthy lifestyle? I get it. A ten-week program with online support, flexible weekly check-ins via tele-conferencing, and loads of detailed diet plan ideas to make a new healthy lifestyle attainable. Designed especially for those with a very busy schedule. This is a game-changer.

The Uplift Mommy Mojo Plan – 4-week program – $300

This program caters to the new mama, feel free to bring your new baby! We will work together to get your changing body properly nourished for you and your baby.  Targeted fitness and nutrition to transform your post-natal body into a high-performance, strong, energized, mommy machine.

The Shift – 4-week program – $300

A program designed to reduce symptoms and support healthy body composition, energy levels, and mindset while experiencing the peri-menopausal, menopausal, and andropausal (that’s you, guys) shift.

Time to Thrive – 3-session senior package – $225

There is so much information out there  on diet, and it seems like there is a pill (with scary side effects) for everything. Enjoy a personalized health and lifestyle evaluation, and two follow-up sessions and learn how to confidently incorporate natural practices to improve over all well-being.

30-Day Glow Starter Kit – $475

Consider this your reset button. A program that activates healing, weight loss, and more through 4 key strategies. This is for you if you want to test-drive my method and start glowing in one month.


  • 4 private weekly coaching sessions (60 minute sessions)
  • 3 phone check-ins between sessions (15 minute calls)
  • A targeted eating plan with recipes
  • A signature fit body workout plan
  • Unlimited email support

90-Day Healthy Rhythm Discovery Special – $975

The real transformation starts here. A program that gives you every ounce of knowledge I have about how to step into a sustainable way of eating, moving, and living for a lifetime. This is for you if you want to get your glow back for good and are willing to do what it takes to get there.


  • STRONG FOUNDATION (4 weeks – 1 session per week)
    • (1) 90-minute initial intake session to assess current lifestyle and diet
    • (3) 60-minute sessions to provide food education and step-by-step plan
  • MOTIVATION MAINTENANCE (6 weeks – 30 minutes per week)
    • (6) 30-minute sessions for education and accountability
  • YOU GOT THIS! (2 weeks – 60 minutes per week)
    • (2) 60-miniutes sessions designed to launch you into you new lifestyle
  • The Your Healthy Rhythm Guidebook, a 20+ page guide of meal plans, recipes, workouts, and goal tracking features
  • 24/7 accountability and email access
  • Healthy reading lists and documentary recommendations
  • Surprise gifts!

Professional Services á la carte menu

  • New patient initial intake w/ report of findings    $150 (90-minute)
  • Single á la carte counseling sessions                         $80/hour (save with packages)
  • Telehealth  video sessions                                              $80/hour (save with packages)
  • Research on condition & recommendations           $35-95 (30-60min appt)
  • Supplement evaluation & recommendations        $35 (free with initial intake)
  • Diet & lifestyle evaluation                                               $35 (free with initial intake)
  • Symptoms questionnaire                                                $35 (free with initial intake)
  • Computer diet analysis                                                    $25-75 (based on # of days)
  • Laboratory testing w/ recommendations                $75 & up
  • Detox/cleansing programs                                              $95-$295/month
  • 7-Day menu plan & recipes                                             $35-95
  • Private cooking classes (demo, food samples)       $15-20/person
  • Hands-on cooking classes w/ full meal                      $20-35/person
  • Private group yoga or fitness classes                          $10-15/person
  • Kitchen intervention & pantry upgrades                   $35-95
  • Healthy shopping market tour                                      $35-95
  • Group seminars (30-95 people) w/ handouts          $100-150/hr + $.50/mi travel
  • Group seminars (>95 people) w/ handouts              $150-500/hr + $.50/mi travel
  • Health & nutrition classes w/ tea and snack           $10-15/person
  • Food/activities for immersion retreat programs   $195/day

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